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French Wood Chess Pieces 2.5" King - Ebonized

French Wood Chess Pieces 2.5" King - Ebonized

$ 24.99

The Staunton-style French Set is named for the French Knight that accompanies it. His head is proudly held straight out from his body (no shirking a challenge here!) and his mane is well groomed behind his laid back ears. The King and his Queen are classic Staunton.
This set is made from sheesham, rosewood, or ebonized hardwood for the dark pieces and boxwood for the light pieces. Every piece has a felt bottom to keep your board protected. Each set includes 32 pieces - no extra queens available for these sets. These pieces are weighted. The smaller pieces contain lighter weights, while larger pieces have heavier weights.

2 1/2" King Height
15/16" King Base
14g King Weight
For Chess Boards with 1 1/8"" to 1 3/8" Squares
Set weight: approximately 12 ounces

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